Is Half Price Sushi Worth the Crowd?

Short answer, yes. At least at Sticky Rice it is. “Sushi Heaven” happens every Monday night from 10 p.m. to midnight Sticky Rice offers half off select sushi rolls. The list isn’t short either; they have everything from an avocado roll to the “Fantabulous Amazing Roll”, starting at two dollars a roll. You can check out Sticky Rice’s whole Richmond menu here.


The downside here is obviously the crowd, this is obviously a great deal so this leaves the restaurant to be very busy. If you know Sticky Rice, the space isn’t huge, so it gets crowded, but it is completely worth it. The atmosphere is lively and welcoming, everyone is there for a fun night and some good sushi. And yes, the sushi is good, especially for how affordable it is. Even better than the sushi though is the drinks, the bartenders at Sticky Rice are fast, friendly and know how to mix. The drinks aren’t over-priced either. There are usually music videos from the early 2000’s being projected on the back wall, which gets a lot of people excited and singing. Your Two Chicks went just for a late dinner and ended up having an amazing time, with some amazing martinis.


“Sushi Heaven” isn’t the only weekly event at Sticky Rice. Every Tuesday night at 10:30 there’s karaoke, and every Wednesday night at 10:30 there’s “Blingo”, a game they describe as “high paced Bingo action mixed in with prize swaps, dares and usually not-so-great prize.” And of course we can’t forget happy hour, which they have from 4 to 7 p.m. everyday, including weekends. During happy hour there’s tons of drink special as well as half off a bucket of tots, edamame and miso. You can see more about their weekly events here.

Sticky Rice is located at 2232 W Main St., and their to go location is directly across the street called ToGoGo. Two Chicks rates Sticky Rice 4 stars, and certainly recommends you go. If you want to ensure a seat against the busy crowd, make a reservation! You can do that online here.


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