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The three pillars of our company are simple: save money, maximize fun, and find the best tasting drink ever created by (wo)man. Through our relentless pursuit to find you the perfect martini, we share our fun adventures galavanting all around Richmond and only endorsing the best clients we see fit. The perfect drink is more than just the ingredients it’s made of, it requires the right ambiance and the utmost delicious food. We’re talking mouth-watering menu options ranging from cocktails to desserts. We willingly sacrifice our free time (and paychecks) to find it for our gals.

Two Chicks in a Pod is a hub for professional women to explore when they want to plan their perfect night out. Our vendors are certified by us and we don’t endorse any plain Jane off the street. No one wants to deal with bars that have over-priced and poorly-made martinis – or poorly made anything for that matter. Or the one with a rowdy crowd that makes you uncomfortable. And that club with the creepy bartenders? Pass.

This company was born out of the necessity to save money and capitalize on good times. Life is short, don’t waste it on bad bars and clubs. We create partnerships with only the best venues so that local women can enjoy nights to themselves without the hassle. When you’re busy working all week and only have that one night of freedom, don’t waste it bar/club hopping trying to find the right place for you. Check out our Chick-approved venues and enjoy all your martinis, all night, on us.

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Tiffany Boggs is a Public Relations student and Business minor at Virginia Commonwealth University. Her strong enthusiasm in nightlife, food and traveling are what inspire her to work on this blog. Tiffany wishes to share only the best experiences with any and all of her readers. These interests sparked her desire to give others a perfect night on the town. At Two Chicks in a Pod Tiffany is in charge of researching new restaurants, bars and clubs, as well as upcoming events that involve nightlife or food. She also works alongside Kale to find news that interests their audience.

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Kale Wilkinson is also Public Relations student with a Business minor at Virginia Commonwealth University. When she isn’t day dreaming of her future career as the next Elle Woods, she is tirelessly in pursuit of the perfect martini with Tiffany. Trying new restaurants and using this blog as an excuse for, “Calories don’t count for research,” is her favorite pastime. Her passion for all things delicious is fueled by her desire to share this wealth of information with her fellow females. Along with Tiffany, Kale and her fine-comb the streets of Richmond tasting all that this lively city has to offer. Whether an outing is prompted by a visiting artist, a new food-craze, or just a great priced happy hour, you can count on them being there.

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